Claritas Services

… is a car rental company with an extra driver service: you can rent a (luxury) car or a minivan with a private driver.

Hourly Rent System

Our Chauffeured Car Service is a very flexible way of traveling. By hiring one of our cars with a private driver you have the possibilities to use our service for 3-hours, 6-hours or 12-hours per day. This hourly rent system is the most efficient way to explore and enjoy your trips in Europe, while you are being chauffeured in comfort in by one of our drivers. The driver will be always stand by for you during the service.

Multi-day Traveling

For the long-haul-travel through Europe, we can provide you with our Private Tour service. We will help you to complete all the preparations and guide you when you are arrived in Europe.

Or check out our Travel Packages and find out where your next trip will be!
This several days trip is a compact arrangement with the most efficient route to explore every part of Europe.


Being flexible is very important for us to make sure that we are able to provide the best service for any kind of transportation. Our team is ready to arrange all the accommodations that is needed for your business trips.

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Our main target is the upper middle class (business) travellers, especially from Asia, who wants to experience a luxury style of traveling in Europe.


The most important mission is to give the travellers the highest amount of comfort by having a personal connection with them and by providing the most flexible tours/business arrangements in Europe.